My Older Brother’s Muscle Stud friend that is best

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My Older Brother’s Muscle Stud friend that is best

It absolutely was 4:00 when you look at the and I had just gotten home from school afternoon. We sat down in the sofa and switched on the television. There is a knock in the home. We went along to respond to it and it ended up being Bob, my older sibling’s most readily useful friend. He’d fallen by to see him. We told him no body else had been house and my cousin would not be house until about seven, but he could wait if he desired to.

Bob had been a sophomore in university, like my cousin. These were both twenty, a 12 months avove the age of me personally. He asked me personally to make from the TV therefore we could talk for a time. We mentioned various things: we mentioned college and Bob discussed their girlfriend and about exercising.

“we hear from your own bro that your particular people offered you a couple of barbells for the birthday celebration. Wanna exercise for some time? ” he asked. We told him he could borrow a couple of shorts if he did not need to get their garments sweaty.

We went into my bed room and I also pulled away from my bureau the tightest set of nylon operating shorts I had and handed them to him. I must say I desired to view him turn into them.

Wen the beginning I ended up being disappointed as he handed them back again to me personally and stated, “No thanks, “

However when he proceeded to just just simply take of his top and jeans, stripping right down to a pair of tight low-rise bikini briefs appropriate in the front of me personally, I made the decision to not whine.

“we frequently work down in the nude, ” he thought to respond to my stare that is wide-eyed, but i assume we’ll manage by using these on! ” I stripped down my very own clothes down to a couple of underwear (hoping he would really like just just what he saw) and became a set of cut-off sweats. He was told by me to follow me downstairs to your cellar to work out.

I really could scarcely keep my eyes off Bob, he previously an ideal human anatomy. We had watched him develop from 105 pounds to 150 pounds of all of the muscle mass within the couple that is last of. I possibly could admire their body particularly well with just that couple of underwear on: the light brown locks that peaked away from their armpits and stretched from his belly-button on to the bulge of their briefs. He had been only a little over six legs, with huge arms and smooth, muscular pecs tapering down seriously to a thirty inch waistline.

The air that is cold the cellar had done it really is work, for their brown nipples looked hard and pointed. The small briefs he had been using healthy him such as for instance a glove and I also could see every information of his cock and balls bulging through the slim material. Their thighs had been huge and such as the sleep of his human body tanned a deep brown. These people were almost hairless aside from a downy path of light hair that is brown began near their crotch and disappeared into their briefs. Along with his calves were massive, having a even addressing of hair.

Bob moved up to the work bench, lay out and started doing workbench presses. We endured where i possibly could have the view that is best up his spread feet, and had been marveling over just exactly exactly how high their cock endured call at their underwear even though he had beenn’t fired up whenever he stated he desired to show me personally their favorite workout for biceps. He endured in the front of me personally together with his hands directly down keeping a barbell. He told us to just just take your hands on the pole while he lifted the weight so I could help balance the barbells. He lifted the bar as much as their pecs and lowered it once again until it had been even with their crotch. Each and every time he lowered the club, it squeezed against their huge cock.

This website, in conjunction with seeing their chest and supply muscle tissue flex, ended up being just starting to turn me in. Then we changed places and then he aided as the exercise was done by me. Every time the club arrived in touch with my crotch i really could feel my already cock that is stiff also harder. We wished which he would notice, but hoped which he would not. The exercise was continued by me lifting and reducing the pole together with his assistance. Pecs to cock. Pecs to cock. To my relief Bob took the barbell and began to show me personally another workout, but quickly dropped the barbells and started massaging their right bicep.

“Shit, I pulled another muscle tissue! Hey, do you’ve got some alcohol to massage it with? ” he asked. The notion of pressing this hunk of beef switched me personally on much more than we currently had been. He was told by me there was clearly some upstairs, therefore we went as much as my space. We retrieved the alcohol through the bathroom and came back to my room to get Bob lying across my bed on their stomach. Exactly what a great view of their tight ass cheeks that has been!

I climbed in the sleep alongside of him and started rubbing the arm that is sore.

Their sigh of relief a few minutes later on said that the therapeutic therapeutic massage should have assisted, although not prepared to stop trying this opportunity that is golden asked him if he need a back rub. He nodded their approval and stated I happened to be a masseuse that is great!

We made my move and straddled him, sitting on their perfect bubble butt, and started massaging their muscular straight back. We began in the arms and worked my means gradually right down to the little of their back, making sure that i obtained an opportunity to touch their warm hairy armpits. I possibly couldn’t think that which was taking place for me! My cock became hard as a stone in my own sweats when I applied his gorgeous back all over. It stuck right away and strained in the material. I happened to be glad he had been turned one other means, as there was clearly absolutely no way he may have missed my 7-incher sticking directly out!

Him, I couldn’t resist the urge to reach down and squeeze my cock through the sweats as I continued to massage. The cotton covering made it feel hotter than ever before. Therefore, we squeezed it time and time again while we massaged him. Then, without asking I got up and turned around on his butt if he would like his legs rubbed. We started rubbing their calves, loving the feel of this hair that is soft over them, and worked my way as much as their difficult thighs. By this time around Bob had started to give off low groans every once in whilst. Closer and closer i got eventually to the leg holes of their briefs.

Then Bob stunned me personally by asking if I would personally perform some front side of their feet! “Sure, like to! ” we stated. I squatted straight straight straight down as he switched over so he wouldn’t see my hard-on and briefly imagined straddling their crotch when I had their butt to rub his upper body. By this time around my prick had began to ooze juice that is precum my sweats, causing a large damp spot to make. My cotton that is grey sweats a darker grey where in fact the juices had wet through them.

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