Our ongoing event is Sudanese Nursing Students international conferences 2020 AKA SNS-IC20.

Which is a meeting arena that aim to gather all nursing and Midwifery students and novice from all over Sudan and the world together.

On the SNS_IC20 we have 3 major domains as the following:

  1. Scientific research conference where 40 nursing and Midwifery students are challenging to get Awatif Basher Award of nursing achievement in Sudan.
  2. Workshops and capacity building area where more than 120At the current times when everybody is looking for the cheapest service that need to know about cover lettering

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    nursing and Midwifery students and novice are learning about Planning monitoring and evaluation, Nursing evidence based practice and SDGs & Africa 63 agenda applications in the real actions for impact.

  3. As well the SNS_IC20 act as the host of the Sudanese Nursing Students Federation General Assembly meeting on 2020 where we all expected to have the newI want to write for you. I would like to tell you about my experience writing for others. As a college student, I didn’t have a great deal of money to buy things that I desired, but I was working on becoming a published author by setting objectives and writing at least one to two posts every week buy research papers. Writing for others wasn’t all that hard, as I could hire writers that were as enthused as I was about the subject.

    team elected, the new year plan announced, and the new members accepted, this year the SNSF experiencing a massive constitutional change which also a hot topic that observed by all of the Sudanese Nursing all over Sudan.

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