84. Place a child In Me. Really, as though it wasn’t obvious, be mindful using this thing.

I do believe my just truly awful Tinder date ended up being with this specific girl whom We began communicating with who had been appealing, just a little older I was 21), and seemed very intelligent than me(24, at the time. We had a pleasant date and went back into her destination and I also ended up being thinking ” yes, this might be it, finally gonna have that V-card punched” and we also sat down and began chatting after which she explained she desired to have intercourse that she could get pregnant with me so. After my initial reaction (stunned silence, like literally, exactly exactly what the hell? ) she began attempting to persuade me by discussing just just just how “cute he’d look” and exactly how emotionally stable she was at her life (right, because seeking strangers on the web to impregnate you is obviously the mark of psychological security). Then she began wanting to seduce me personally as soon as we informed her I happened to be planning to keep she became aggressive, at one point getting my supply (this girl ended up being taller as I was trying to reach the door than me by several inches, at that point I gained a new appreciation for women who are sexually harassed.

We debated calling law enforcement against it and instead just thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t give her my phone number and that I was able to escape from the possibility of being forced into being a parent for the spawn of a clearly disturbed woman after I managed to get out, but decided. (more…)