Represent Sudanese nursing students nationally and internationally and to be the voice of Sudanes vitaenergy top ten reviews e nursing students

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Sudanese Nursing Students Federation is an independent,   non-governmental   and   non‐political, Non Partisan   federation   of   nursing   students’ and novice associations working   throughout   the   Sudan. We have (42) National   Member   Association   from   18 state   and   representing   more   than   32.000 nursing and Midwifery students and novice.  The   SNSF   was   founded   in   May   2015   and   is   run   for   and   by   nursing   students   on a non-profit   basis.  

It   exists   to   serve   nursing   students   all   over the Sudan.  SNSF was established in the Sudan as a nursing community organization to   offer   future   Nurses   a   comprehensive introduction   to   global   health   issues   through   our   programs and   opportunities,   we develop   culturally   sensitive   students   of   nursing,   intent   on   influencing   the   transnational   inequalities   that   shape   the   health   of   our   nursing.

Mission & vision:


Advocacy, empowerment and

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highlight the importance of nursing and midwifery students within the health system nationally and their role and contribution to the global health.


By 2030 we aim to have knowledgeable, well educated, well trained, socially accepted nursing and midwifery students. Who are able to contribute to the state of health in Sudan and globally.


Our statutory bodies

SNSF Organizational Structure

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SNSF Has 3 major bodies, firstly the Local Nursing Students Associations Representatives council ANA (LNSARC) which is the legislative body who make the polices, take the major dissection’s and observe the work progress and direct the

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executive bodies according to the members, and followers interests.


Secondly, the Executive committee AKA (EC)the highest Governing body of the SNSF, composed of the President of

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the SNSF who is the highest Executive officer, and the Vice president For the Managerial issues who replace the president, followed by the Vice president for Financial Affairs, as well as the vice president for midwifery Affaires.
This EC is the actual executive dissociation maker responsible from managing the executive tasks and achieving the overall term plan as much as strategic plan.


Thirdly, the board of directors AKA (BOD)

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which is headed by the Chief Executive Director CED, and composed of the joint network of technical offices leaders, the national technical offices leaders called directors. We have 7 technical offices national directors who are assigned to run the SNSF plan into Actions and projects.

SNSF National Technical Offices

Projects and activities Technical office, Nursing Education ,Innovative care and research Technical office, Capacity building and leadership Technical office, Global Health Technical office, Professional Training and Advanced Practices Technical office and the Media and Publications Office which is supportive office.

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